Tips on Staying Motivated & Organized in School

As someone who is graduating this year and is already very done with school (and has been for years), let me tell you, Senioritis is REAL! Yes, I still want good grades and to learn, but school is just blah. Let’s be real. As an online student especially, hitting the half way point in the school year feels like it will be impossible to push through. The motivation flies away and being organized? Yeah, right! Last year I seriously struggled with all of this. However, this year I have found a way to push through and stay motivated. With that said, here are some of my tips and tricks to staying motivated and organized….

1. Keep a Planner!!! I seriously have no idea what I would do without my planner. This is the only way I am able to stay organized and not fall behind in school. At the beginning of every week, I write in what I am doing that week (work, volunteering, worship, etc.) then each day I write in the school work and other things (ex: laundry or walking the dog) that I have to do with little boxes on the side so I can check them off when I have finished them. Let me tell you, checking those little boxes off and seeing the progress of what I have done gives me a ton of motivation and helps keep me from feeling overwhelmed. The stress of feeling like I don’t know what I have to do or feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I THINK I need to do, is no longer a problem. Therefore, I HIGHLY suggest a planner.

2. Start with the EASY Stuff. I feel way more motivated when I check stuff off my list. When I focus on the easy stuff first, I feel more motivated to the more difficult stuff, because I am knocking stuff off my to-do list, therefore not feeling as overwhelmed and stressed over it. Now, many might argue that they’ll be too tired and “done” with school to do the harder classes last. In that case, I would suggest making sure you knock those out right away, then do your easy classes last, remembering that it won’t take as long.

3. Keep a To-Do List. Like the planner, a to-do list can really help you keep on top of everything. Kind of like what I do with my planner as I already said, you could have a weekly to do like and a daily one. I’m telling you… marking those little boxes off or crossing off the task when you finish something is so satisfying.

4. Get Rid of Distractions. Your phone, the tv, that poster on the wall that you’re always looking at? Get rid of it! Put it down and put it away. Take your distractions and put them off to the side. Set aside a time for them, but keep them away from when you need to study and do your school work. Play some music instead (if it isn’t a distraction). I highly suggest playing something that is instrumental or songs that you don’t know lyric for lyric. I preferably like to listen to jazz music and acoustic music that I haven’t listened to before. It helps keep me focused. Also, I like to watch Netflix series I’ve seen before. Right now I’m watching Gilmore Girls again. It’s just background noise since I’ve already seen it before.

5. Take Breaks. Breaks are key! Taking small breaks here and there will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. It also helps with distractions. For example, maybe a break could be as long as it takes to get through your Instagram feed or to get caught up with texts.

I hope these help you all a bit! Let me know if these work for you. School can be stressful and completely draining, but you’ve got to get it done. My biggest motivational phrase is this… “The faster you get it done well, the faster it’ll be over with.” That has been my phrase since middle school and it took me until this year to really grab a hold of it. Let me tell you, it’s a life saver.

Good luck y’all!

xx Maddie



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