10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life + Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s Spring! The sunshine is finally starting to come out, the birds are chirping, the temperatures are rising… and the allergies, well… they’re here, but with spring time, also comes Spring Cleaning! Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to happen in spring, but the reality is, the sunshine that finally comes sparks some fresh productivity and we have the overwhelming need to clean out everything. Also, the sunshine shows all the areas you haven’t dusted in months…. So there’s that too. Today, I have provided you with a Spring Cleaning Checklist that you can use to check off all the cleaning you’ll be doing *wink wink*.  Click here -> Spring Cleaning Checklist <- to get your free Spring Cleaning Checklist Download!

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Along with cleaning your house and yard, spring cleaning and hitting the “cleanse” button for your life. Let’s be real… Spring time / Spring Cleaning is just another time to start those New Year Resolutions that you never started. Some ways to “Spring Clean” your life and cleanse yourself include….

Drink More Water. Drinking water is all sorts of good for you. Think about it…. your body is mostly made up of water. Water is not only essential for life, but also a good digestive system, better health overall, more energy, clearer and glowing skin, better brain power, cleanses your body of germs, bacteria, and pathogens, and so much more. If that list doesn’t encourage you to drink more water, then I don’t know what will.

Exercise. Exercising is so good for your health. It gets your muscles moving, improves circulation, gets rid of unnecessary fats, improves heart, lung, and brain function, improves energy levels, and more. Exercising gets your body into shape and helps it perform to the best of its abilities.

Eat Clean. Eating healthy and clean foods will, again, really help boost your body’s overall health. Putting good foods inside you will make you feel so much better. As someone who had to start watching what I eat, because of my acid reflux and stomach sensitivities, I found just how amazing I felt when I made sure I was eating healthier foods that I knew would be really beneficial to my body.  Now, when I eat fast food or just a bunch of unhealthier food choices, I find myself feeling awful. Making good, healthy food choices really help your body feel so much better.

Soak up Vitamin D. In moderation and in a safe way, enjoying the sunshine and being outside is very good for your body, immune system, and energy levels. Obviously getting sunburnt isn’t the best thing for your body, but in moderation and with the safety of sunscreen, sunshine’s vitamin D is fantastic for you.

Start Your Day with Jesus. I cannot stress this enough. This is the BEST way to start the day. Digging into the Word of God and praying is just a perfect way to start your morning. It’s improved my overall mood and attitude as I go throughout my day. Even if it’s just a quick devotion, that can make all the difference. There is an app called PocketFuel that I absolutely LOVE! Their devotions are so good, yet they’re quick, so perfect for that on-the-go devo.

Organize Your Life. Get a planner. Have everything planned out from your work schedule to school schedule to just the random things you have to do throughout your day, week, and month. Check out my “Tips on Staying Motivated and Organized in School” blog post. Take some time to organize your room, your house, your clothes and shoes, your bathroom, and your paperwork. This leads me to my next point….

Declutter. Decluttering your life, whether that means friends, clothes, stuff, shoes, makeup, etc. is so important and helps declutter your mind as well. Plus, why have stuff you don’t need? A great way to get rid of old clothing is by using ThredUp! ThredUp is a program that takes secondhand, higher end clothing and sells it online. They have a large list of clothing brands whose clothes they take. All you have to do is go through your clothing, pick out clothes that match their brand list, order a kit, then fill your bag once you get it, and put it on your front porch to allow UPS to come pick it up again. Click HERE to get started. They will price your clothing and send you money back on your clothing, which is definitely a bonus. You can also shop from so many other clothes as well to freshen up your closet! It’s the ultimate online consignment shop. Use the code, WELCOME20 to get 20% off your first order!

Turn off the Electronics. Electronics surround us. Heck, I’ve been typing on my laptop with my phone right next to me and a tv in front of me. Reality is, is that they’re not very good for you. They strain your eyes and, honestly, are real addictions. Instead, cut back on your phone, tv, and laptop time. Say no to electronics when you get bored and have “nothing to do”. Pick up a book, clean your room, play with your dog, go for a nature walk, or hang out with friends. As hard as it is, so much could get done and you could do so many things that would be more fun and beneficial for you instead.

Clean Up Your Budget. If you don’t budget already, start budgeting! Saving money and spending it well is so important. The world we live in demands that we spend our money on their useless products that they tell us we can’t live without. Instead, make sure all your bills and necessities are pai for, put a chunk of money away in spending, and then have a little spending money. Maybe save up for a trip to a tropical destination for a week where you can relax and recharge or that thing you’ve had your eye on for years that you’ve always meant to save up for. Saving money can really pay off.

Reset with a Me Day. Take a day to sleep in, be alone (+ the dog), and relax. Start your day off slow, listen to your favorite music, don’t wear makeup, watch a feel-good movie, read a book, do some Bible reading, go on an adventure, do a face mask, take a bubble bath, nap, eat your favorite foods, and just reset.

I hope these tips and the checklist helped you out a bit! I know it sure helps me. I am hoping to spruce up my life a bit and cleanse it out. Let me know how your Spring Cleaning goes! Enjoy the warmer weather and beautiful flowers. Here’s to Pre-Summer!

xx Maddie



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