Current Favorites: Native Deodorant

I am obsessed with Native Deodorant! Their deodorants are all natural. They’re Paraben and Aluminum free. I started using their deodorant a couple months ago and WOW… I am impressed. It comes in a few basic fragrances, which includes unscented, vanilla / coconut, lavender / rose. There are also some seasonal scented ones,, which currently include lychee / goji berry, gardenia / orchard, and fig / honey. I use the vanilla / coconut fragrant one. It smells AMAZING and keeps me smelling good all day. It has also taken out all the other harsh chemicals from other deodorants that have gotten into my body. When using unnatural deodorants, their harsh, unhealthy chemicals get into your body and can potentially lead to serious diseases and sicknesses, including breast cancer. When starting to use this Native deodorant, it caused a few red bumps for about a month, but then disappeared. For the first 4-6 weeks, this is very normal due to your body being detoxed from the harsh chemicals found in deodorant.

Click the image below to get started on your Native journey! With affordable prices and great quality, it doesn’t get much better than this. Also, when you make your first Native purchase, you will receive FREE shipping! Who doesn’t love free shipping?? ANNNND… Get 10% off your order with the code HEALTH10. Again, this is definitely a 5 star product and I highly recommend.

xx Maddie



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