iPhone 8+ Review

I got the iPhone 8+ a few weeks ago, and let me tell you…. I am OBSESSED! I was a bit concerned going to an 8+, because I had an iPhone 5SE, which was much smaller. I loved having a smaller sized phone (and one with a headphone jack…. *sigh*). The camera was just too amazing to pass up. So I finally caved and got the iPhone 8+.

First off, the battery life is fantastic! The battery will last me all day, easily. My phone runs way faster than my old one did and the overall quality is WAY better. I got the gold colored phone, which is actually made from Rose Gold metal, therefore it has a peachy tone. The backing is glass, which concerned me, especially before I got a case (I drop my phone quite a bit… oops!). The minimum storage was 64gb, which has been amazing considering how many pictures I take, ha!

This brings me to my favorite feature of the entire phone (you’ve probably guessed what it is by now)…. THE CAMERA!! OH. MY. GOODNESS!! This camera is absolutely amazing and it has such great quality. Honestly, they look professional. It’s insane! Apple seriously outdid themselves when creating this phone with such a good quality camera. Portrait mode, aka my favorite camera mode, makes for such beautiful pictures. It so perfectly is able to capture what you’re taking a picture of an make a natural blur behind the focused item. I will insert some pictures below so you can see the quality for yourselves! If you are looking for a great quality phone, especially one for taking pictures, this is the phone for you.

As you can probably tell, I highly recommend this phone to anyone. It’s only $36 a month (through Verizon) and you definitely get what you pay for. Besides not having a headphone jack, there is nothing I would change about this phone (I even got used to the size). If you’re interested in this phone, click here for the link to Apple.com with all the information you’ll need to know about it.

xx Maddie


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