Looking Towards the Future

I cannot believe that I am nearing the finish line of high school…. I decided to double up on my classes and finish a month early, which should be on May 25th (maybe sooner instead of June 22nd (#onlineschoolprops). It’ll be tough, but SOOO worth it! I am very excited. However, with the school year ending, I have been looking towards what the future holds for my life and what my plan may be. Obviously so much can change between now and the next few years. I could decide to pursue deeper into my degree, or I could decide a completely different career path. God could completely flip my plans, inside out, for a better one He has in store for me.

As I look towards the future, I can’t help but reflect on the past a bit. Just a few years ago, or what seems to be, I was in elementary school wondering if high school would ever come. It seemed like such a distant reality, yet, here I am about to finish high school. My basic schooling will forever be finished. I will go to college next year and start this “adulting” life thing.

As an elementary schooler, I always dreamed that I would finish as a Mustang at my old school and go on to the University of Washington and carry out whatever college degree I decided on. Instead, I became a half-online / half-private school student in my sophomore year, then transferred to doing full-time online schooling my junior year and have absolutely LOVED it. I will be attending the local community college next fall to study for my Associate of Business Degree, which I may or may not continue to pursue after my two years there. Part of me still wants to go to UW after my community college experience, but we will see what God’s plan is. However, I don’t really “need” the degree, but I wanted one so I had it on paper, but also (and most importantly) to have a solid foundation in understanding how a business runs and functions. As someone who has always been pretty independent and self-motivated, I’ve always been driven to owning my own business. I love the idea, as do most, of having my own schedule, being my own boss, and doing the things I love.

The “owning my own business” idea came from my love of photography. However, I felt discouraged at the lack of money they receive (unless they become well-known), so I stopped pursuing that dream. Now, at this point, I assume there are many photographers who would read that and debate that with me, and… Disclaimer: I didn’t do my research. Moving on…. I then decided I would become a Veterinary Technician who would later take that medical experience and apply it to my own, at home dog training and kenneling business. I was pretty set on this until I realized how much money it would cost to start it up and losing interest in the Veterinary Technician field after volunteering at my vet. It just wasn’t for me, even with my extreme love for dogs. Then, not too long ago, I went back to my photography dream. I did my research and realized that the money doesn’t need to matter. It’ll come with time and experience. It’s something I truly love, so why not pursue it? Now, knowing me, I will probably end up changing my mind again at some point (ugh), but hopefully not.

Anyways, I am so overwhelmed with the idea of my adult life actually starting. My childhood has flashed before my eyes and now, here I am. It’s crazy, weird, and scary yet exciting! There’s so much to look forward to, yet the unknown is always a little bit terrifying. I don’t know exactly where life will take me, but I do know that God’s got this and whatever He has planned for me is perfect and better than I could have ever imagined.

So here’s to the Class of 2018!

The journey has just begun….



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