It’s Adoption Day!

Three years ago today, this 10 month old Borador (black lab / border collie) puppy jumped into our lives. Gunner was adopted on May 23rd, 2015. That was one of the best days of my life. He was the dog that I hoped and dreamed for, for years!

I had finally convinced my parents that it was time to get a dog. I had been asking for almost 10 years. They FINALLY agreed and so we started searching. The Seattle Humane Society was our go-to place. We spent several weekends searching for the perfect furry friend, but it took us a while to find the right match. We’re definitely a big dog family, which made things difficult when there were a ton of little dogs, big dogs who were much older, or big dogs who had an age limit (I have a younger brother who was not of these dogs’ required ages). Finally, we came across our beloved four legged friend who we absolutely fell in love with.

Gunner was 10 months old when we came across him. He had come from a family who had given him up to a shelter a few hours away, because they needed money to help pay for their nieces heart surgery. After spending a month in a crowded shelter, they transferred him to The Seattle Humane Society, where he was fixed, my dad and I met him, and then took him home the very next day. Gunner left the shelter with a slight cold that turned into kennel cough, which then turned into a severe lower respiratory problem. He was taken back to the humane society’s vet for a week to get better. They were absolutely amazing! They paid for everything since we had just gotten him. It was scary though, because there was a real possibility that he was going to have to be put down. Luckily, he healed up and was able to come home several days later and be the crazy dog we fell in love with.

This dog has been such a joy (and a little bit of a pain ha!) in our lives. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He’s the sweetest and so much fun. His personality is so unique and hilarious that it makes life a new, funny adventure every day. I couldn’t be more blessed to have this sweet boy in my life.

Happy Adoptiversary handsome boy!

xx Maddie


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