Senior Prom 2018

Just last week, I got to go to my Senior Prom! It was so much fun and definitely my favorite dance out of all the ones I’ve been to and I’ve been to every single type of dance (private school, many homeschool ones, and now a public school dance). Today, I thought it would be fun to document my experience just a little bit. So here goes nothing!

What We Did: We went with some friends with ours to their school’s dance. We got pictures done then we went to this beautiful (and YUMMY) restaurant called Indochine, which serves Thai food. It was in downtown Tacoma, Washington, right by the Museum of Glass (where the prom was held). We walked around for a little bit afterwards as my date and I waited for the rest of our group to meet up with us since we went separately. All of this was surrounded by beautiful buildings, the waterfront, a beautiful view of the mountain, and to top it off, a gorgeous sunset. Seriously the perfect night.

My Look: I borrowed a beautiful two piece dress from a lovely girl I know. Her mom made the top piece out of a shirt and added pearls to it for an added touch. For my hair, I put it up in a loose, but high ponytail and kept it straight. For my makeup I used foundation, concealer, powder, and bronzer, then topped it off with a pinkish eye look with winged liner and mascara. For shoes I wore pale pink, pointed toe, flats with an ankle tie. I used a cute little over the shoulder (with long strap) black purse to hold my phone, wallet, gum, and oil dabbing sheets.

Here are some pictures from that night….


Y’all… let me tell you. Prom was a dream. I couldn’t have asked for a better last dance. Tell me all about your prom experiences below! I love listening to your stories!!

xx Maddie


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