10 Free / Cheap Ways to Keep Your House + Yourself Cool this Summer

Summer time is officially here! Today, is our first officially HOT day and I am loving every bit of it. Seriously, I need to move somewhere where it’s warm all year long. I would love to wake up to beautiful sunshine every single morning and not have to worry about bundling up. Also, mornings outside without freezing your butt off? YES. PLEASE! However, with the beautiful sun comes heat and sometimes that heat can be a little too hot.

As someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest and only has three hot months out of twelve, we never got air conditioning…. until this Friday. I have my fair share of blistering hot days and finding ways to stay cool (especially at night when you’re trying to sleep). So with that said, let’s jump right into my tips!

  1.  Freeze your sheets. If you’re like me, you probably love to sleep with blankets over you. However, in the heat, sleeping with blankets is pretty much a death sentence. If you put your sheets in the freezer 30 minutes to an hour before you go to sleep (any longer and you might have crispy sheets), you’ll have chilly sheets that will keep you cool long enough to fall asleep.

     2. Keep your windows and blinds closed all day. My family and I have pretty much             mastered this one. The best way to keep your house cool without AC is by keeping               your windows open only at night and in the morning (cool parts of the day) and                 shutting them, or leaving them a crack, the rest of the day with the blinds closed                 tight, curtains closed, and fans blowing. Keep doors open too to keep air circulation           going. Follow this religiously for a cooler house.

     3. Take an ice bath / super cold shower (keep hair wet).  On hot summer nights, I               like to take ice cold showers right before bed. You know that part on the shower                 temperature knob that you don’t dare touch in the winter, because it’s by far the                 coldest water known to man? Take a shower in the coldest water possible. When                 finished, barely pat yourself dry and keep your hair wet. With having a thick head            of hair, the cold water stays in it then transfers to my pillow keeping it cool as well.

    4. Don’t cook / bake. Although it’s hard not to, if possible, refrain from cooking or                  baking. This will keep your house from warming up. Think about it… How hot does            your oven get? Every time you open that oven, hot air is filling up your house. Same          with using the stove. That small open flame lets off more heat than you might think.

    5. Keep lights off. Keeping your lights off keeps your house cooler. Put a lamp on and          wait several minutes. Put your hand near that light bulb. Feel that heat? Yeah, lights          being on generates heat, which means a warmer house.

    6. Drink lots of water & exercise. Now before you ask, “How is exercise going to cool           me off?”, let me explain. Exercising, although increases your body temperature and           does make you warmer, getting your body moving helps increase blood circulation,           which helps keep your body at a moderate temperature instead of being too warm             or too cold. Water, also helps keeping your body cool, because it’s keeping your                   body functioning and working how it needs to. Think of it as the oil to your car                   (body). It also, and most importantly, keeps your hydrated and free from heat                       stroke.

    7.  Make iced drinks & treats. Iced drinks and iced treats, like popsicles, are great                 ways to keep your body cool, even if it is only temporary. Kind of a no brainer.

    8. Go to the lake, river, ocean, pool, or use a sprinkler. Anywhere where there is              water equals cooler temperatures for your body. Water, being denser, stays cooler              therefore cooling down your body temperature when your submerge yourself in it.            Make sure you wear your sunscreen though. Just because you’re under water                      doesn’t mean you can’t get burnt. In fact, you are actually more prone to get burnt,            because of the reflection of the sun on the water.

    9. Go to a mall or a movie. Malls and Movie Theaters are great places to go if you                  want to escape the heat since they always have AC. Plus, there are plenty of things              to do in malls (like SHOPPING!!) and movie theaters (movies… duh). The mall and              movie theater have always been a go to place if my family and I were ever over                  heated.

   10. Sleep downstairs. Heat rises. For example, in our house, our downstairs almost                 always feels cool, yet upstairs (where all the bedrooms are) feels like a blistering                 sauna. Some nights, you just gotta give in and take the couch. Who knows, maybe a           slumber party with your fam won’t be that bad.

I hope these tips help you survive the summer heat. Let me know if any of these work for you! If you want more tips and tricks, let me know below and I’ll make a part two. Happy Summering my loves!

xx Maddie


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