15 Free Things To Do This Summer

Summer is HERE! YAY! I don’t know about you, but I am pumped for summer. However, I am a broke, soon to be college student who does NOT have the money to spend on fun things. I have put together a list of free things to do during the summer that are all lots of fun!

  1. Go Hiking. Hiking is an awesome way to soak up the sunshine, get some exercise, engage with nature, and have fun. It’s so rewarding and it’s by far one of my favorite things. Best part about it is that it’s usually free (unless you need a Discovery Pass, which you can get for $10 I believe.

     2. Go To The Park. Parks are another great way to get into nature. Typically they’re                incredibly relaxing as well and a great place to sunbathe, swing, or swim                              (depending if your park has a lake near it).

     3. Go Find a Pretty Place to Read. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to read, I             do it best in a pretty location. Parks, lakes, coffee shops, etc. are all great, and                       typically pretty places to enjoy a good book.

     4. Do a Photoshoot at Fun Locations. Although I’m definitely not photogenic AT ALL           and I’m usually quite awkward in front of a camera, photoshoots are always fun                 (and FREE with friends). Even if you’re like me and awkward in front of the                         camera, being behind the camera is just as fun! I love taking pictures of people.                   Also, finding locations is half the fun!

     5. Visit a Free Museum. Museums can be a ton of fun. Also, on a hot summer day,                 they typically have air conditioning (an absolute PLUS!). It’s also a great way to                   keep your mind learning and engaged. My favorite type of museums are the ones               that are hands on and engaging, like a science museum!

6. Watch the Sunrise / Sunset. This is absolutely free and always a beautiful                           experience. Whether you want to wake up super early for an early morning treat               or wait for the sun to go done, you will be rewarded with a great view.

     7. Go on a Bike Ride. If you have a bike, this is a great activity and is totally free! I                 wish I had a bike, because bike riding has always been a favorite activity of mine.               It’s so much fun and gets you to your destinations much quicker than walking (and          gives you quite the exercise). Enjoy a good biking trail and see where it takes you.              Embrace the adventure.

     8. Have a Picnic. Grab some food from home, a blanket, and find yourself a pretty                 location to enjoy your lunch. Picnics get you out in nature and give you a great                   reason to enjoy the outdoors while eating. Plus, I don’t know about you, but picnics           naturally make food taste better. Am I right?

     9. Have a Water Ballon or Water Gun Fight. Not only is having a water gun fight                 super fun, but it’s super refreshing in that summer heat as well! Get some friends               together, or the siblings, and go to town! Soak each other, have fun, and feel                         refreshed.

    10. Go Geocaching. Geocaching is SO FUN! Take something you don’t need anymore                and exchange it for a new little treasure after your fun little treasure hunt. This is              so much fun to do with kids, friends, and really, anyone!

    11. Have a Bonfire. Bonfires are a great way to wind down for the night, make                          yummy foods and treats, enjoy good company, and embrace summer. Plus, they                  make for great fire pictures.

    12. Go Star Gazing. Star gazing is another way to really engulf yourself in nature.                    Taking the time to layout at night and just become mesmerized by our twinkly                    night lights is just breathtaking and so relaxing. Unplug, relax, and behold the                      amazing little lights.

13. Make Homemade Popsicles. Making homemade popsicles are not only fun, but                they’re super yummy and refreshing when finished! You can even make some for              your pup to cool down too!

14. Go to a Fair. Local fairs are sometimes free and if that’s the case, go for it! Fairs                  are so much fun and full of things to do. Typically, because of the nice weather, you            can only find fairs during the summer. That’s FAIR right? *wink wink*

15. Go to a Farmer’s Market. If you’ve never been to a Farmer’s Market…. GO! You’re              missing out! It’s so much fun to see all the things people bring and have to offer.                  Plus, sometimes you can find some yummy samples too. They’re usually fully of                  foods (both grown themselves or cooked), fresh flowers, and homemade crafts.                    Even if you don’t buy anything, just being at a Farmer’s Market and taking in all                  the sights, smells, and sounds is so worth it.

BAM! 15 free things to do this summer. What do you think? Should we bump out list to 30 and make a part two? Let me know below and tell me what your favorite free summer activity is! Happy Summering!

xx Maddie


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