15 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer

Happy Tuesday my loves! I hope your summer is going very well. I am currently on vacation right now. Blog post to come *wink wink*. Today, I am really thrilled to share with you 15 fun things to do with your dog! I don’t know about you, but I looove hanging out with my pups. Sometimes it can be kinda difficult trying to figure out what to do with them. Am I right? But I am here to help you out! Let’s get started.



Don’t leave your dog in a car when it’s hot!!! It only takes up to 10 minutes for the car to get unbearably hot for your dog inside your car.

Also, keep your dog off payment on hot days, because it absorbs heat, which can make your pup’s feet blister.

  1. Go Hiking
  2. Doggie Play Date
  3. Go to a Dog Park
  4. Starbucks (Puppachino) Date
  5. Go on a Drive
  6. Walk around Your Town
  7. Go Shopping in a Pet-Friendly Store
  8. Try an Agility Course
  9. Go Camping
  10. Go on a Bike Ride
  11. Find an Open Field and let your pups loose! 
  12. Play Fetch
  13. Eat on a Dog-Friendly Patio Restaurant
  14. Make Homemade Dog Treat
  15. Introduce Your Dog to a Ball Pit


Enjoy your time with your dog!! Make sure you watch your pup and keep them hydrated. They can get heat stoke too. Love on them and hangout with them, but keep them hydrated, free from hot cars, and off hot payment.

xx Maddie

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