Travel Diary: Desert Aire, Washington

Goodmorning and Happy Thursday! This past weekend I got to celebrate a dear friend of mine at her grandparent’s house in Desert Aire, Washington. Y’all… this trip was so very good for this girl. I needed some good girl talk and girl time. Today, I thought, why not share a my travel diary with y’all? I didn’t get a ton of pictures, so sadly there won’t be a photography post on this. How great is it to have such amazing friends that you don’t find yourself checking your phone? It’s pretty fantastic! NOW… Let’s get into the travel diary.

Saturday, July 14th: At 9:30 a.m. we embarked on our adventure! Five girls in the car, with one who would be meeting us later on, and full on throwback jam sesh. I mean, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Old JT, and so much more. It was FANTASTIC. Two and a half hours of our childhoods, singing the songs at the top of our lungs. It was gooood stuuffff y’all. When we finally got there, we immediately got bathing suits on and made our way to the pool to get a much needed cool down. 100º is pretty darn hot for these Western Washingtonians. We spent all afternoon swimming and tanning, then headed to Mexican for dinner at a little place called La Popular. The customer service wasn’t great, but the food sure was. We then headed to the local grocery store and picked up three containers of ice cream (’cause duhhhh) and had lots of yummy ice cream goodness when we got back. We played a game called Tellestrations, upon returning to the house, which was a ton of fun. It’s pretty much Pictionary and Telephone combined. The sixth girl came a little later, which meant girl talk could finally happen. Girl talk is our good, “whatever is said here, stays here”, time. It’s always a little interesting, but really fun(ny). We then ended our night by going on a walk around midnight and star gazing for about an hour. Exhaustion finally hit us so we jumped right into bed afterwards.

Sunday, July 15th: After we all woke up, we enjoyed an amazing berry cobbler and then got ready for some floating on the river. Although eaten by bugs, we had a lot of fun relaxing out there. After a couple hours, we headed back to the house for a little bit, played some Tellestrations, then headed to the pool for a few hours to soak up some last minute tanning and swimming time. When we had finished up, we headed back for some baked potatoes, which were to die for! They had been cooking all day so they were beyond amazing. Sadly, a few of us had to get home for work the next day so after dinner, we headed out for our journey home. However, we stopped for a little treat at an amazing little “hole in the wall” near Cle Elum for some yummy smoothies. I wish I could remember the name…. To end our trip, we were treated to a breathtaking sunset as we crossed Snoqualmie Pass.

I had such an amazing weekend with the amazing girls I get to call some of my closest and most dear friends. I am so thankful God gave me them.

xx Maddie


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