Little Life Update (August 2018)

Well hello there everyone! Happy Tuesday. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little MIA lately so I figured I’d do a little August life update with y’all. It’s been a crazy past couple weeks and blogging had to be put on the back burner for some time. There was just no time, or energy, that I had to put into it. However, hopefully I’ll be back with some more blog posts soon. Life is still pretty insane… Let me explain.

Two weeks ago, I finally got more hours that I had been asking for at work… However, this happened the same week that I would be leading worship for our VBS kiddos at church. So I was working mornings, running to church at 3:30 for worship practice, and worship leading and leading a group of kiddos from 5-8:00. I was EXHAUSTED. Let’s just say my body was FAR from use to that. My poor coworkers saw the brunt of my exhaustion. Let’s just say that I was far from chipper in the mornings…. However, those kiddos at VBS and the amazing volunteers blessed me so much. It was an exhausting, loud, and very difficult VBS week, but one that brought much learning and blessings with it. My family and I ended the week with a fun little day trip to Leavenworth, which was both crazy, but relaxing.

This last week, the craziness continued. I worked the first three days, then went to checker training for the last two. I had a late wake up call for the first day of checker training, which gave me 15 minutes to wake up, put makeup on, put my full uniform on, eat, and be out the door…. Yeah, not the best way to start the morning (especially when you end up arriving 45 minutes early thinking there was going to be traffic….). We ended out week with hiking Mount Catherine on Saturday, which was beautiful and going to a Mariners game on Sunday where we lost 12-1…. Obviously not our best day.

As of right now, it’s Monday and the craziness of work and trying to catch up on things around the house continues, especially as I try to plan times with all my friends going off to college in the next week or so… *sniffle sniffle*  

What a crazy time in life it is. I am so ready to get a break from the insanity and have everything calm down for a bit. I don’t know when that’ll be though… I have found myself slacking on Bible reading and spending time with God. It’s so hard to make that time with such a crazy schedule, however, it’s so important that we do that. I see the effects of not having Jesus time so much. It’s as if my world becomes a lonelier, out of control place.

Pray for me. I need some Jesus loving prayer as I head into the next couple weeks as I try to get my life somewhat under control and figured out. Thank y’all for understanding my crazy life and not being able to put out content. I will hopefully be working on more soon! Also, be praying the smoke clears out soon… It’s been so smoky in the area! Praying for those amazing firefighters who are out there risking their lives to put these fires out.

xx Maddie

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